DMV Accredited and Certified Driver Education

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Driving School Program


In our driving school, education is the key to safe driving. Learn the techniques you need to be a confident and safe driver.

  • First One

    Drivers Education

    Classroom and behind-the-wheel instruction is provided to meet all North Carolina DMV requirements. We also offer North Carolina DMV test preparation for those of whom classroom hours may not be necessary.

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  • second one

    AAA Certified

    We are AAA certified instructors and offer 4- and 8-hour classes (based on the traffic offense).

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  • third gym training


    Driver Education classes and behind-the-wheel instruction are offered during the week. We also offer weekend schedules and classes to accommodate after school priorities students may have.

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  • fourth muscle


    We begin and end lessons at the school's location. Behind-the-wheel training includes residential areas, the city, and highways all in Durham, North Carolina. We also offer DMV test preparation.

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  • training fifth

    Qualified Instructors

    All instructors are certified by the North Carolina DMV to provide driver education in accordance with the North Carolina law.

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  • gym training

    Driver Improvement Program

    Our Driver Improvement Program (DIP) is taught by instructors who are certified through AAA of the Carolinas. Classes can be scheduled during the week after 5PM and/or on weekends.

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Don’t think, begin today!

Johnson Driving Academy strives for excellence in our method of teaching teenagers and adults with patience and care how to be the best drivers possible, promoting safety first.

Our Classes

We take a professional yet personable approach in educating our students to be confident and well-educated drivers.

First Class

Teen Driving Education

Students need both Knowledge (classroom) and behind-the-wheel training to be able to obtain a permit and/or license. Behind-the-wheel training consists of 3 sessions (120 minutes per session) to meet the requirements for the state of North Carolina to obtain a permit and/or license.

If you desire behind-the-wheel training only, we offer the following packages.

Packages #1: 6 hours/3 days $485.00
Packages #2: 10 hours/5 days $750.00
Packages #3: 14 hours/7 days $1050.00
30 hours of classroom Instruction/6 hours of behind the wheel training $595.00

Second Training

AAA Driving Improvement Clinic

We offer 4- and 8-hour clinics for students that have received a traffic citation and are looking for possible point reduction. This course satisfies all court and DMV requirements. Certificates are issued following the completion of the course.

Packages #1: 4-5 hours $125.00
Packages #2: 8 hours $180.00

Third Class

Adult Behind the Wheel Training and Test Prep

We offer individual (one-on-one) training for adults who wish to earn a license or desire additional training.

Packages #1: 6 hours/3 days $485.00
Packages #2: 10 hours/5 days $750.00
Packages #3: 14 hours/7 days $1050.00

Fourth Training

Private Driving Lessons

We offer flexible training hours during the day, evenings, as well as weekends, to accommodate various schedules.

The requirement for private lessons is that you must hold a valid North Carolina permit or driver's license.

Students are encouraged to continue instruction and training until they feel conficent that they are sufficiently prepared for their DMV appointment.

"Pamela Johnson is an absolute pleasure, and a professional. Her instruction is thorough, and hands-on."

"Pamela Johnson did a wonderful job! My daughter recently finished her classes and driving instruction and felt very prepared and confident going into the DMV to obtain her learner’s permit."

"Communication, Professionalism, Quality, Value"

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